About PsySOM:

PsySOM (Psychiatry Society of Monash) is a newly established medical student subcommittee under the Monash University Medical Student Society (MUMUS) providing educational resources, sharing career development and research opportunities, and supporting community involvement in psychiatry!

PsySOM Objectives:

  • Provide a centralised platform for medical students to engage in discussions and further their learning in the field of psychiatry
  • Increase psychiatry exposure and awareness, and decrease medical professional stigma towards the field
  • Supplement the university curriculum in psychiatry through educational resources
  • Highlight research opportunities with practising psychiatrists and researchers
  • Foster student engagement and interest in psychiatry with career development opportunities and community events (in both metropolitan and rural-based settings)

2023 PsySOM Committee:

Advocacy Officer

Monish Puri & Yunjia Zhao

Yeonwoo Kang


Kavi Wilson Rajaratnam

Lois Segun-Beloved

Fawzan Sugarwala


Micheal Do

Grace Wang

Isobel Nicholls

Will Upjohn, Rose Liu & Anita Date

Faria Hosein Qazvini & Ahlia Bailo


Shruthi Satheesan & William Kin

Jonathan Nguyen (Gippsland)